Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Day on set

    Today I am making an updated about my recent job.
I honestly need to admit that I love every single day of work I have in my makeup career. Each time I meet amazing people, go different places, get loads of new experience...it is simply beautiful when         You can turn your hobby into a career.
    So recently I had a pleasure to work with some very creative people.
Croftwerk, a music video production company, took me on board and we went to Glasgow to meet BMX BANDITS.
    I did expect the day on set would be very busy, running round with my brushes around the artists.
But to my surprise, we had plenty time for preparations, touch ups and consultation.
The band members were amazing, such inspiring people!

    Doing makeup for music video clip is so different than when working on a photo shoot.
I loved the idea to create the70's theme makeup on an actress She looked stunning with green, blue, turquoise eyeshadow on! Because the 70's makeup trends have never really come back, along with whole stylisation I felt like we turned back in time:)

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