Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Flat Top Brush

    As a Make-Up artist, make-up lover and make-up addict I love trying new products and brushes.
So here it is my new purchase: Flat Top Brush by Hakuro H50s.

There are two different sizes of this foundation brush. H50 and H50s. H50s is the smaller one, you can easily apply foundation on whole face and concentrate on more precise work and harder to reach parts of your face (nostrils, under eyes). Would also be perfect for applying powder or cream blusher.
H50 I would use for a fast application, when a light coverage required, or when make-up is needed on bigger areas: decollete or arms.

    The benefits of flat top brushes are countless:
-smooth, flawless, natural, airbrushed look
-soft to the skin
-perfect for all kinds of foundation (cream, liquid, powder)
-doesn't absorb your products (very economic)
-for light/medium coverage apply foundation in circular motions, for heavy coverage - in patting potions

I need to admit I was very surprised when after first application of foundation the brush was completely clean! It is recommended to spray the brush lightly with water before you dip it in your product to minimise  the absorption by bristles. I have not done this yet, I will give it a go next time:)

I wonder if You ever tried Flat Top brushes? What do You think? Which brand do You like most?
Let me know

Dorota xxx

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