Thursday, 18 April 2013

Kryolan Lip Rouge

Today I thought I would write a review of my recent purchase.

 As I work on different people and different skin types all the I was in need of a few shades of nude lipstick.
I had spent a few visits to drugstore, few days online research and still couldn't decide what to get.
Finally I grabbed my slightly forgotten Kryolan catalog. The provide a huge choice of lipsticks and lip palettes.
Love the brand, but it's hard to order something if can't see the product, test the texture. So I paid a visit in Wigs Up North.
To my surprise the only colours the had in Lip Rouge Lip Palette were....NUDES!
I got them and love them as much as I love all the rest Kryolan products! Definitely I will purchase them in fashion colour version:)

The lip palette comes in five beautiful nude shades. Depending on desired look You might choose between shade that blends with your skin colour or to emphasise your natural lip tone.
Its creamy texture glides easily on skin but yet stays on very long.
The product is fragrance free so suitable for sensitive clients.
Highly recommended.


 Lip Rouge in an elegant mirror-set with 5 colors. Lip Rouge with a long-proven formulation, including Vitamin E to stimulate the skin’s repair mechanism. 
Ideal for perfect looks.

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